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Yesterday was a CurtainRaiser of the new ‘Kapil Sharma’ show & then the second episode was a BlockBuster & kept the audience entertained & enthralled. There was not asingle dull moment throughout, what a comeback, all those who thought ‘Kapil’was finished will have to eat their words. In a certain way, Hiatus was goodfor him, it is really difficult for a small time guy to handle such big fame,money & success. 
He has learnt his lessons& will now achieve greater heights. 

The show began from where it left, ‘Ranveer’, ‘Sara Ali’ & ‘Rohit Shetty’ continued to tease ‘Kapil’ about ‘Deepika [ Deepu] &  pile more misery on the poor chap. ‘Ranveer’s  & ‘Rohit’s sense of humor is well known.

Sara’ s timing & her funny side was a revelation. This 20 year young girl is very grounded & never ever was uncomfortable when ‘Rohit’ made fun of her & revealed that how she begged him for the role. I must say that her upbringing has showed that in spite of a royal lineage, she remains a simple girl at heart. She is very pretty, tall & confident, bound to reach on the top soon. 

Krushna came in & further enlightened the proceedings, his part was as expected bigger & better & he simply rocked in a lady s attire. He is a star comedian in his own right &  will be one of the highlights. Then there was ‘Kiku Sharda’, whose one liners & jokus [ read jokes] had the the guests & the audience in splits.

When ‘Kiku’ enters, even ‘Kapil’ takes a back seat & he being the butt of all the insults [ in good humor of course]. ‘Kapil’ greatness lies in the fact that he respects talent & gives fair chance to his team. Next to come was ‘Sonu Sood’, he came dressed like he was participating in some sporting event, showed his 8 packs & spoke little. 

Audience can’t wait for the next weekend to watch what surprises ‘Kapil’ brings next. It will not be a surprise if the show surpasses all those running on TV very soon.