‘Honda’ company of ‘Japan’ began their operations in 1984  & launched ‘India’s  first gear less Scooter ‘Kinetic’,in JV with ‘Firodias’. The scooter was an instant hit with ladies in particular as they found it easy to navigate with no clutch, gear etc. It had a 2 stroke, 98 cc engine with decent mileage & low maintenance & repair cost. There was a huge waiting list, but the honeymoon between ‘Firodias & Honda’ ended in 1998.

‘Honda’ in 2000 then came up with their own product  ‘Activa’. This started a gearless  wheeler revolution in India as the scooter was very nicely designed & robustly built with great features & mileage. Soon, the demand grew & other players like ‘TVS, Hero, Yamaha & ‘Suzuki’ etc jumped in to en cash the Boom.

 According to us, of all the above mentioned vehicles, 2 stand out and these are ‘Suzuki 125 Access’ & Honda 5G’ & we shall compare the two in all aspects so that the buyer can make his choice of buying the preferred one.

Suzuki access 125Honda activa 5G
Mileage as per AARI = 64 per km60 per km
Brakes = DrumDrum
Fuel tank capacity = 5.6 litres5.3 litres
Top speed = 91 kmph90.77
Engine = 124 cc 8.4 Bhp109.19 cc 7.6 Bhp
Tyres = 10 in rear & front, Tubeless10 in rear & front, Tubeless
Speedometer = AnalogueAnalogue
Headlamps = HalogenLED
Onroad price = Rs 67000 onwardsRs 65500 onwards

As you can see, most of the features except for the horsepower is similar in both the models and the price is almost negligibly higher in ‘Suzuki Access’. While Driving ‘Suzuki’, we found the ride was much smoother & the shockers have more absorbing power, making it easy to navigate on bumpy roads. The engine of ‘Suzuki’ is almost noiseless whereas in Honda, it is not. The height of ‘Suzuki’ is bit higher then ‘Honda’ which is an advantage. The city mileage of both is nearly the same, that is around 40 kmph. Both the brands have come out with some great eye catching colors. ‘Honda’ has an edge as the volumes of sales are very high & their dealer network is large & the spares are easily available, whereas ‘Suzuki’ lags behind in this area. Indians are very particular about the resale price & here ‘Honda’ has a big edge.