Online shopping has spread all over the World &  India  has virtually become one of the biggest Market. There are no of reasons behind this, mainly we have millions of young professionals working in IT, Banking, Hospitality & other sectors & as per the world bank report,the economy is doing well. With disposable incomes & easily availability of Credit/Debit cards, online shopping is the in thing & moreover this craze is spreading in small towns, where earlier, the delivery was a major problem.

There are pros & cons in Online shopping & today, we shall take this topic & will guide our readers on this. 

  1. Online shopping can be done within the comfort of your home.
  2. The stores remain open 365 days a week, 24* 7
  3. You save on petrol & avoid traffic snarls 
  4. The prices are fixed & you can match different sites to check the most competitive ones. 
  5. The prices are cheaper Online because the seller avoids paying on the infrastructure, the rent & other scores of expenses. 
  6. You get plenty of money saving schemes, like points & coupons + loyalty bonus. 
  7. You can choose from refurbished products according to your preference . Moreover, these products come with warranty, making it easy to return in case of a fault etc.


  1. You just cannot physically check or try the products to see the utility.
  2. You can never be sure if the shopping site is genuine or just a fly by night operator, takes money and does not deliver. 
  3. Few times, the courier company staff may commit a fraud by changing the actual product with a copy/fake one. 
  4. In case of a faulty product return, the Online shopping site may put in certain objections & it could take months to recover the money back and in some cases, you may not actually get it at all.  
  5. The bargaining power which you have on Offline shopping is not available to you. 
  6. Some sites give you a third party guarantee , where it becomes tough to replace/ return a product.

Now the choice rests with our readers to choose whatever mode they wish to use, but one thing is certain, Online shopping is going to spread like wild fire in the coming years as more & more companies are coming to grab a share & remove the bottlenecks & make it buyer friendly & the customers are becoming more choosy on discounts &  comforts of buying from their homes.