There should be a warning in the beginning of this film ‘Only fit for viewers of under 12 years & the adults may watch at their own risk’. ‘Total Dhamaal’ is the third in list of ‘Dhamaal Franchisees’, first was ‘Dhamaal’ in 2007 & the next was ‘Double Dhamaal’ in 2011. The Director ‘Indra Kumar’ has directed movies which defy all logic & sense & the only aim is to make the audience laugh at the childish & slapstick humor. The irony is that our audience lap it up all & his films have made money.

This time ‘Indra Kumar’ has managed to rope in ‘Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn’, Madhuri Dixit, ‘Boman Irani’ & ‘Sanjay Misra’ besides other actors who have featured in the previous Dhamaal franchisee movies ‘Riteish Deshmukh’, ‘Arshad Warsi & ‘Javed Jaffery’ in the main roles.

A corrupt Top Cop ‘Boman’ strikes a deal with a Businessman to exchange 50 crores of new Currency with 100 crores of banned ones. ‘Radhe [ Ajay] & his accomplice ‘Johnny’ [ Sanjay Misra], manage to outwit ‘Boman’ & steal 50 crores from ‘Boman’, but the twist comes when their Driver ‘Pintu’ outsmarts  ‘Rahde’ & ‘Johnny’ & runs away with the loot. ‘Radhe & ‘Jhonny’ are after ‘Pintu’, who while escaping in a plane meets with an accident & is dying, reveals the location of a Zoo in far away town where the money is hidden.

Others like ‘Avinash’ [ Anil] & ‘Bindu’ [ Madhuri]  ‘Gujarati’ Couple on the verge of divorce, ‘Lallan’ [ Ritiesh] & his sidekick fired from their post of Firemen & ‘Adi’ [ Arshad] & ‘Manav’ [ Javed], thrown out of their jobs happen to witness Pintu’s death and revealing the location of the Zoo where the money was hidden. It is then decided that whosoever reaches the destination will get the Loot. They are also chased by ‘Boman’, who is keen to lay his hands on his money. 

The rest of the story is the how all of these try to outwit each other to reach the zoo, where the loot is hidden. Fair &  foul means are used to reach the destination first. Props like a Helicopter, piloted by ‘Johnny Lever’ [ in a cameo] , car chases & bicycle are utilized but the humor falls flat. In the end, animals like a Monkey & a Gorilla do succeed in bringing few smiles. Oh yes, ‘Mahesh Manjrekar’ also appears in the end in a pathetic role of South Indian Gangster.

All the stars leaving aside ‘Ritiesh’ & ‘Sanjay Misra’ fail miserably, don’t understand what seasoned actors like ‘Madhuri’ & ‘Anil Kapoor’ are doing in the film, maybe they could not say no to ‘ Indra Kumar’ who directed them is super hit ‘Beta’ few decades ago. ‘Sonakshi Sinha’ does a item number, a repeat of hit song ‘Mangta hai’ from seventies hit ‘Inkar’ & she does it beautifully. Our verdict, highly avoidable, unless you have kids under 12.