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‘Sujoy Ghosh’ is a master story teller, his ‘Kahani’ released in 2012 kept the viewers on the edge till the end, it was full of suspense, twists & turns. His next ‘Kahani’2 Released in 2016 was of the same genre where the Mom [ superbly enacted by Vidya Balan] did everything to save her child & herself from any harm with Murderers on her heel. ‘Badla’ continues with same trend, a whodunit right form the beginning till the last. 

The story is set in London, where ‘Naina Sethi’ [ Tapasee] is a very successful business woman happily married to a loving husband and has a small daughter, but she carries on an extra martial affair with a young photographer ‘Tony’. One day, while returning from a sojourn with her lover, ‘Naina’ has an accident on a lonely road,  both survive but the the other guy in the car dies. They try to run,but the car does not start, ‘Tony’  forces ‘Naina’ to flee with the other car with the Dead man body s in the boot & tells her to dump the car somewhere.

In the meanwhile, a elderly couple ‘Rani [ Amrita Singh] & her husband ‘Nirmal’ happen to pass by & stop to help ‘Tony’ & tow the car to their home as ‘Nirmal’ is expert in fixing vehicles. ‘Tony’ discovers that the man they killed ‘Sunny’ is the couple s son. In the meanwhile ‘Naina’ drowns the car in a pond.All goes fine till one day ‘Naina’ get a call form a blackmailer that he knows the truth & demands a huge sum to keep quiet. Both ‘Naina’ & ‘ Tony’ are summoned to a faraway hotel to deliver the money. In the hotel, ‘Tony’ is murdered and ‘Naina’ becomes the only suspect as the hotel is locked from inside with her being the only other occupant present.’Naina hires ‘Badal Gupta'[Amitabh Bacchan] to defend her,he urges her to tell the whole truth but she keeps on hiding few facts.

‘Badal’,then spins a story as ‘Rani’ being the main suspect as she learns that somehow ‘Naina’ & ‘Tony’ were responsible for her sons death. ‘Slowly’ ‘Badal’ coaxes ‘Naina’ to reveal more facts & the actual happenings & promises to defend her even if she was guilty. Both play mind games and what is revealed in the end is beyond imagination. We would not like to reveal  as that would be cruel.

 Like old wine,'Amitabh' is getting better in each film, such a marvelous performance without a single false note. Hats off to 'Tapasee', she matches the veteran scene by scene, expression by expression, emotion by emotion, simply outstanding as a wronged business woman. 'Amrita' has simply outshone herself as the mother of a dead son, brilliant. Go for it guys if you love thrillers, there is no song & as expected some brilliant music to highlight the suspense.