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‘Holi’ is one of India’s top festival is approaching fast, it falls on the 21st March [ Thursday]  this year. The myth behind ‘Holi’ is well known to everybody, but it signifies Broken relationships to be mended & to Forget & Forgive & move on.  ‘Holi’ is also known for certain types of sweets & snacks, specially to be prepared & served during this period, any home you happen to visit, will serve these mouth watering delicacies. Lets talk about these. 

1 ‘Gunjiya’, – It is a Sweet Dish which has an  outer shell is made of refined Flour [ maida], Ghee & Milk or curd. The filling consists of ‘Semolina’ [ suji], Dry fruits, refined sugar’, cardamom [ choti elachi] & ‘Mava’ [ No English name for this]. It simply melts in mouth, specially if served piping hot. You might want to microwave it if is a bit cold. 

2 ‘Pakoras’ [ no English name invented for this ] – Its a staple snack for all, irrespective of age, caste or creed, everyone loves to have it anytime , accompanied with hot tea. ‘Holi’ is the festival, where this becomes more special, in most homes, some ‘Bhang’ [ cannabis powder] is mixed to make it bit intoxicant. 

3 ‘Thandai’ -A Traditional cold drink, as the ‘Holi’ marks the end of winter & start of summer season, this is a must have. The ingredients used are ‘milk’, powdered sugar,few pieces of black pepper, saffron strands, poppy seeds [ khus khus], pieces of almonds, cardamom & white pepper. Again, some cannabis powder is added to make it intoxicant.  The tradition of making ‘Thandai’ during ‘Holi’ has been going on since last so many centuries & the guests who drop in are served with reverence. 

4 ‘Dahi Vada’ –  A lip smacking dish,  which can be prepared easily at home. The main ingredients are curd, lentil [ urad ki daal], baking powder, red chilly, salt, some sugar,refined oil,cumin seeds, chaat masaala etc. This can be served as a snack, a part of main course or a starter. Very easy to digest. 

5 ‘Malpua’ – Forget the calories for once & just enjoy this juicy pancake. The ingredients  are ‘fine wheat flour, fine semolina [ suji], sugar, ghee, lime,curd etc. As a dessert, it can match with any of the worlds finest but people are simply forgetting the art  of perfecting it. Happy Holi to you all & eat to your hearts content.